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Quality Management

The ever-increasing demands of healthcare consumers is a great concern in the global healthcare sector, and only by providing high-quality, advanced treatment options at affordable rates, hospitals or other healthcare providers can establish sustainable and successful business. To pursue this, the significant standards to be set for better ‘Hospital Quality Management’. Any healthcare organization can attain this by streamlining the process and workflows educating, monitoring and implementing quality improvement programs. In addition, applying statistical quality management solutions based on statistical data will enable the hospital management to increase patient and physician satisfaction considerably.

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Quality Management in Healthcare

Hospital quality management means the process of managing the entire entailed hospital operation in a worthwhile fashion by applying the various hospital quality measures and standards, so that the hospital functions in a desirable condition. The Indian hospital system follows NABH Quality Standards, which provides guidelines to healthcare administrators and also facilitates the overall hospital functions to remain exceptional and patient-friendly. However, the hospital management has to control all the related activities prudently, by applying the appropriate hospital quality measures, with special attention to the key areas of organizational activities such as the process improvement, cost reduction, productivity & performance improvement, and throughput time.

Process Improvement in Healthcare Service

Ensuring quality and safety in healthcare is a must to improve patient experience and satisfaction. Healthcare process improvement means the purposeful quality-enhancements done to all of the entailed functions, with a keen focus on patient satisfaction. While drafting this, the hospital management must give proper importance to the employees and to the provided healthcare facilities, as well as to the practical needs and the aspirations of the patients and their relatives. In the healthcare sector, the management and staff will have to interact directly with the clients, and hence, there must be due focus on the 'process improvement'.

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Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is vital to provide affordable healthcare services to healthcare consumers and earn profits to healthcare providers. Patients always expect to get quality treatment in hospitals, and when this does not happen, patient satisfaction is subsided. If the hospital management wishes to increase patient satisfaction, the cost reduction process should be done systematically without spoiling the quality and safety in healthcare. Systematic study of the existing style of the organizational functioning and the implementation of strategic cost management is the approach we normally recommend.

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Throughput Time

Without managing the throughput time properly and professionally, quality management in healthcare is impractical. In healthcare sectors, the throughput time is the overall time required to perform the relevant therapeutic functions perfectly and timely, so that patients feel comfortable during their outpatient visit as well as during the routine check-up. This includes all the functions that are connected to the patients’ contact points with the hospital. Managing the throughput time sensibly is crucial to bring in quality and safety in healthcare. This will fix the credibility and amiability of the hospital.

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Productivity & Performance Improvement

The productivity and performance of the workforce are two vital areas where the management has to focus for introducing quality management in healthcare. These two segments are essential and will influence the outcome of the healthcare service. Performance and productivity are interlinked. We assist in defining and setting the benchmark based on which the performance monitoring committee will assess, monitor and verify the employees’ performance and productivity.

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