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  • Healthcare gap Analysis
    Gap Analysis
    A gap analysis is a management tool
    to foresee the opportunity areas
    that the management can implement
    for achieving their organizational goals.
  • Healthcare operational Management
    Operational Excellence
    Upgrading the quality of service in line with
    the changes that take place in the medical field.
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Design
    Infrastructure Design
    The core benefit of performing infrastructure planning
    of a healthcare center professionally,
    is that you can create a patient-friendly
    healthcare practice, with optimum resources.

Welcome to FrontEnders

FrontEnders Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. - Connoisseur in Indian Healthcare Consultancy Services, since 2011.

FrontEnders healthcare consultancy services provides the latest medical solutions to both medical industrialists and healthcare establishment owners, which are easy on the pocket. Healthcare Entrepreneurs can avail our technical and tactical guidance, and make their endeavors thriving. We take special care to tackle all tasks handed over to us, in a decisive way and make it a point to deliver effectual solutions swiftly and promptly. Our solutions are straightforward, unfussy, and pragmatically winning across all possible demographics. Our ever increasing line of satisfied clientele vouches this.

The new normal for global healthcare industry is 'change'. Healthcare stakeholders comprising of providers, payers, participants and governments strive to deliver efficient, effective as well as equitable care, they struggle to do so in an ecosystem that is undergoing a fundamental shift in business. India, at large, is expanding its horizon in all matters of human interest. This is literally true as far as the healthcare arena of the country is concerned. Experts say that the Indian healthcare market is bound to bulge approximately to $280 billion by the year 2020, from the present $100 billion status. They foresee a requirement of an added capacity of almost 600,000 to 700,000 beds in the coming years. This is indeed staggering and is an indicative of the investment potential in the Indian healthcare market.

Private sector players are very much active in the healthcare arena of India, and play a significant role in attracting both national and international patients. Patients always look for top-class therapeutic remedies. For establishing world-class treatment centers and related fields, entrepreneurs need the professional skill and expertise of subject specialists.

FrontEnders’ healthcare consulting vertical is driven by the possibilities and challenges in developing and under developed markets. Our goal is to make the difference wherever we are and whatever we are into. The difference might be lowering the cost burden to end users or improving the quality of healthcare delivered to compete in global markets.

FrontEnders’ Consultancy Services specializes in providing the most advanced resources to medical entrepreneurs. Our package includes Business Planning & Execution, Operations Management, Infrastructure Design & Facility Planning, Medical equipment planning, Information Technology, Branding & Marketing, and Human Resource Planning. In our starting year (2011), we successfully implemented 4 different projects, including 3 national and 1 international projects. We have great pleasure and satisfaction in revealing that we have completed 25 projects during the last year (2015) and this includes 14 prestigious national and 6 major international ongoing projects.

Whenever there is a need for expert advice on healthcare, we are there to assist you. Our expertise and technical perfection in hospital consultancy services has earned us a top spot amid the hospital consultants in India.

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