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Joshua Vice President Operations

Joshua T I | Vice President Operations

With the backup of 22 years of professional experience in diverse hospital administration (both national and international), Joshua has matured himself to a realistic global healthcare professional. He is pragmatic, innovative, and result-oriented. Mr. Joshua has worked in the various streams of healthcare management services and is extremely proficient in the related tasks like team building, customer relations, competitive analysis, and international business development.

After his ‘Post-graduation in Botany’, he took ‘MBA (Quality Methods, Financial Management & Accounting, and Human Resources)’. He joined ‘Apollo Hospitals’ as a ‘Senior Executive’ in 2006. His functions included activities such as ‘customer service’, ‘strategic planning’, and ‘departmental coordination’. In 2007, he was promoted as the ‘Assistant Manager – Operations’. Here, he was responsible for planning the organizational strategies and implementing the same by coordinating with the marketing department. From 2008 to 2010 he worked as the ‘Administrator- Apollo Hospitals’.

In 2012, Mr. Joshua joined ‘Global Hospitals’. Here, he worked as the ‘Senior Manager (International Business)’, ‘AGM (International Business)’, and ‘DGM (International Business)’. He was responsible for planning & executing all organizational activities in connection with the promotion of ‘Global Hospitals’ in the international market. He was the ‘Country Manager’ for Kenya, Nigeria, Kurdistan, Bahrain, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Yemen, and South Sudan. He managed the ‘International Operations & Query Team’. He was also officially responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites, where he had to ensure that the messages are properly coined and are appropriate for the target audiences. He had to make sure that the anticipated revenue targets are achieved. This high-level global exposure has made Mr. Joshua a realistic international healthcare professional.

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