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Our Team

Asha Margaret. A | Sr. Executive Business Strategy

Asha Margaret takes care of the branding and marketing needs of the FrontEnders. Projecting a zeal for unleashing the new paths in branding and marketing, particularly in the healthcare sector, Asha possesses a unique ability of thinking in various dimensions. This very nature has forced the Bio-Medical Engineer to pursue an MBA in Marketing from one of the reputed Universities in India.

Being a person with a great eye for detail and a nerve for creativity, Asha always finds herself in exploring the groundbreaking communication strategies that are result-bound. Analyzing and predicting the trends in healthcare marketing and ensuring to provide the branding solutions that are flexible is where Asha contributes, thanks for her grasping skills. Managing the brand reputation and delivering the concepts that the consumers could relate, are few other responsibilities of Asha at the FrontEnders. Aspired to play a key role in making the healthcare simple, Asha is committed to providing the branding and marketing solutions that are engaging and understandable by the people from different walks of life.

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