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patient engagement in healthcare

The Importance of Patient Engagement to Survive in Healthcare Industry

Customer engagement is one of the most sought-after business aspects to be focused on and Healthcare, as an industry, not an exception for it. To sound more appropriate the term customer engagement is known as ‘Patient Engagement’ in healthcare.

Patient engagement in healthcare stands for involving the patient and his take carers in the process of treatment. It is every patient’s right to know the options of treatment he has, the recuperation, the time of recovery and the course of medications he has to be on in order to recover. The patient or the caretaker of the patient has to be involved in the decision making.

And the treatment outcome depends on the overall involvement of both the healthcare provider and the receiver. Explore the importance and the benefits of patient engagement in this blog. 

The Importance of Patient Engagement in Healthcare –

As per the survey conducted by PWC, the below facts give every reason for the healthcare providers to proactively engage and involve the healthcare seekers in your treatment plans.

  • 80% of healthcare receivers rely on the Internet for health information.
  • 77% of the patients depend on Internet to book an appointment
  • 74% of Internet users actively follow the social media pages of healthcare practices
  • 42% of Internet users view consumer reviews before choosing the hospital.

Based on the statistics mentioned above, it is not difficult to concede that almost all patients, directly and indirectly, depending on the Internet while choosing their healthcare partners. With the increased number of healthcare provider choices, it is a mandatory step for you as a healthcare player to take the necessary steps to increase your patient engagement.

Implementing Patient Engagement Strategies

  • The first strategy to implement towards an enhanced patient engagement would be the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that is foolproof. The EHR system not only allows your doctors to efficiently mark the patients who require the preventive appointments or a follow-up.
  • The world now moves on Social Media which makes it imperative for healthcare providers to engage with their patient lot in the social media platform with health-related information. Taking the professional help from the healthcare consultancies and digital marketing agencies would be appropriate.
  • Active social media presence of the hospital not only increases the band reputation and the patient base but also result in high-patient engagement which could be considered as the oxygen for the healthcare practices.
  • The healthcare provider should be willing to explore the depths of the fields that are enabled by Internet as they could find most of their customers, thanks to the advanced telecommunications.

Benefits of Patient Engagement

  • Improved Patient Inflow – Better patient engagement enhances the patient inflow in no time thanks to the increased provider-receiver relationship through patient engagement.
  • Increased Competitiveness – Healthcare industry, as a whole, experiencing sheer peer pressure and better tactics for patient engagement alongside the marketing activities will always make you stand up for the competitiveness.
  • Reduced Costs – When you are experiencing sufficient patient inflow you may focus on practicing the productive yet cost-effective marketing tactics to continue the flow.
  • Patient Satisfaction – Another important aspect of healthcare delivery. Better patient engagement always keeps the ‘patient first’, maintaining an engaging rapport with the healthcare receivers.

Considering the current scenario at the hospitals, we can conclude that there is a lot of scope for improvement in patient engagement area. In addition to that, a lot of healthcare practices are still applying the old school methods in their operations. Learning the new aspects in Healthcare and improving the services in all aspects plays an important role. 

And most of the healthcare practices, irrespective of their size and bed-count, getting help from the healthcare marketing agencies and healthcare consultancies to fulfil their patient engagement needs. If you are looking for better patient engagement for your hospital, it is never too late to take the first step.