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Hospital Center Manager

Role of a Center Manager in Hospitals

Hospitals are all about doctors and nurses. But what about the hospital’s centre manager who keeps the wheels of the hospital running smoothly without a hitch? That is the person to look for in a hospital. If a hospital functions efficiently and seamlessly, then look for that hidden person behind the scene who looks after the facilities management in the hospital. He/she is the CENTRE MANAGER is like a puppeteer who masterminds the hospital operations management.

Healthcare HR management is one of the most sought-after and challenging jobs in the healthcare industry.  The job growth for a hospital centre manager is 17% which is much higher than that in other industrial job profiles. Every hospital should enlist such a competent hospital centre manager to oversee its operations efficiently. This can be done only with the help of an able healthcare consulting firm.

Role and Responsibilities of a Hospital Centre Manager

Healthcare HR management is a high-profile job that requires an enviable skill set with administrative capacity, crisis management skill, sound medical experience and some financial knowledge The Hospital centre manager must possess leadership, problem-solving and multitasking abilities to succeed in their profession. An experienced healthcare consulting firm can help you to easily identify and select such a person for the job.

But before doing so, one must be fully aware of the role and responsibilities of a hospital centre manager in order to outline the job profile and skill set required for this post.

  1. Devising a strategy to achieve hospital efficiency

The Hospital Centre Manager heads the entire hospital at the operational level.  So, the manager is responsible for the efficiency of the hospital.

The efficiency of the hospital means providing high-quality patient care at affordable pricing without incurring any loss to the hospital’s profitability. So, the centre manager has to strike a balance between maximizing patient satisfaction with the hospital’s profit. This requires the outlining of a clever strategy which has to be done by the centre manager only.

  1. Outlining and disbursement of the operating budget

Every hospital has a fixed operational budget provided by its management for daily operations. This operational budget has to prudently disbursed by the centre manager to ensure the smooth running of the hospital. Costs have to be controlled, expenses have to be kept in check and revenue has to be generated to sustain the operations of the hospital in a profitable manner. All this has to be done by the centre manager at the hospital.

  1. Supervision of the hospital’s day-to-day operations

The Hospital Centre Manager has to oversee the day-to-day operations of the hospital to ensure that the hospital runs without a hitch. Problems crop up daily at a hospital and managing these crises is a part of the job of the Hospital Centre Manager and it requires a lot of insight and skill.

  1. Setting department goals

To ensure the smooth running of the hospital, the centre manager sets the goals of the individual departments and monitors their performance. Breaking down the total responsibility of the hospital into shared goals among departments has to be done by the Hospital Centre Manager to achieve efficiency.

  1. Facilities management in the hospital

The entire infrastructure of the hospital is at the Hospital Centre Manager’s disposal. Right from the building, ACs, computers, elevators. etc to the hospital equipment, supplies, and instruments- everything must be maintained competently to help the hospital run seamlessly. The manager has to aim for effective facilities management in the hospital to achieve this consistently.

  1. Monitor tasks and work schedules

The Hospital Centre Manager delegates responsibilities to the department heads and communicates on a daily basis to ensure task completion. Work schedules and daily task performance are monitored by the Hospital Centre Manager to evaluate the competency of the staff.

  1. Recruiting and training of staff

To optimize the workflow, the manager may even recruit and train new staff or replace inefficient ones. The Hospital Centre Manager is responsible for building and maintaining the right team at the hospital. He/she may seek the help of an expert healthcare consulting firm in this regard.

  1. Bridging the gap between hospital management and the working staff

The Hospital Centre Manager acts as a bridge between the hospital management and working staff by communicating the expectations of the staff to the management and vice versa.

  1. Ensuring regulation compliance at the hospital

The Hospital Centre Manager ensures the hospital complies with the rules and regulations of the government and healthcare statutory bodies.

A Hospital Centre Manager has to be a jack of all trades and a master at managing the healthcare organization. Choose the right person for your hospital with the help of a healthcare consulting firm to steer your organization to success.