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Resource Management at Hospitals

Of all the assets of a hospital, its human resources are the most valuable. This is because the main service offered by healthcare requires the involvement, handling, expertise, and commitment of its staff or human resources. So, for a hospital to function seamlessly and efficiently, its human resource planning and management is the most important arena to focus on.

Hospital HR management is a specialized area which requires the expertise and acumen of an expert healthcare consulting firm. Right from the conceptualization of the hospital, the healthcare operations management should involve the healthcare consultants to ensure that its HR management is right on track always.

Let us look at ways in which HR management can be done efficiently at hospitals.

Ways to achieve effective hospital HR management

The following measures have been suggested by a proficient healthcare consulting firm to achieve effective hospital HR management.

  1. Improving the work system

The work system in hospital focusses on building coordination among hospital employees to improve the quality and delivery of its service. This is done by

  • Allowing the employees to participate in the enforcement of the work system by entrusting responsibilities to them.
  • Creating Quality Control groups comprising of 4-5 members to troubleshoot local problems
  • Establishing Value Engineering teams to suggest ways to cut down waste and improve hospital efficiency.
  • Encourage employees to acquire multiple skills by rotating their job responsibilities on a periodic basis.
  • Organize staff meetings to improve communication at all levels
  • Evaluating the performance of the employees on a regular basis
  • Recognize and reward top performers to motivate employee morale.
  1. Induct, train and educate employees continuously

The training and development of hospital employees are one of the prime priorities of healthcare operations management.

  • The hospital HR management must induct new employees only if they satisfy the job requirements and also have an aptitude to work for the healthcare industry.
  • Induction programs must be conducted to enlighten employees of their job profile and responsibilities
  • The existing staff also require periodic training to upgrade their skills.
  • The training must be done two-fold. In the short term, training must be directed toward patient satisfaction and reduction of delivery time. On the long term, it should be directed at the better use of technology in improving the hospital service.
  • Medical training must be conducted for physicians, nurses, and technicians. Bedside teaching should be imparted for doctors and nurses. Ward boys, attendants, and ambulance drivers must be taught waste management and oxygen therapy.
  • The effectiveness of the training program should be monitored through surveys.
  1. Ensuring employee well being and satisfaction

Preventing job attrition and turnover is one of the challenges for hospital HR management. This can be done only by maintaining the employee well being and satisfaction by taking these steps in

  • Work atmosphere – The healthcare operation management must offer a clean and comfortable work atmosphere for the employees to work in with all basic amenities provided.
  • Work amenities – An affordable canteen, subsidized healthcare for the staff, transport facilities, comfortable work timing, etc could be some of the amenities that the hospital can provide for the employees.
  • Employee satisfaction – Listening to employees’ grievances and needs, recording their feedback and recognizing their contribution are some ways to ensure employee satisfaction.

Every hospital must implement the above methods to manage its human resources efficiently.

A group of reliable hospital staff including physicians, nurses, attendants, caregivers, technicians, etc. is what every hospital needs to fulfill its service to the society. Recruiting, training, managing and retaining them is the job of Hospital HR management and this can be achieved only with the able guidance of an experienced healthcare consulting firm.

Every hospital should recruit, advance and retain the best people to achieve success consistently.