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Quick Facts on Tamil Nadu Healthcare

A robust Healthcare System is certainly the pre-requisite criterion for the progress of a developing nation like India. Good health of the citizens is the biggest asset of every country that not also promotes its social and economic growth, but also enhances the labour productivity and development of human resources.

Every government has to focus on the following aspects to achieve healthcare equity and address the challenges faced:

  • Universal access to care backed by effective usage of medical research
  • Equitable distribution of healthcare expenses and
  • Ensuring special attention to the more vulnerable groups of society

For achieving this goal, the Tamil Nadu (TN) government has endeavoured to encourage the healthcare outreach and coverage activities by

  • Converging healthcare and nutritional resources.
  • Strengthening the support systems for primary, secondary and tertiary services by improving Hospital Infrastructure at each level.
  • Increasing focus on standardised care practices with minimal errors and enhanced Hospital Quality Management to reach world-class benchmarks of value-based services with patient-centricity.
  • Augmenting the medical manpower resources by deploying better Hospital Management Services.

Quick Facts on Healthcare in TN

  • The first state in India to enact the Public Health Act as early as in 1939.
  • Unique in implementing the distinctive Public Health Cadre at the district level.
  • Racing ahead in terms of attaining the national target by proactively achieving the Millennium Development Goals specified by the United Nations (UN).TN is currently working scrupulously towards earlier fulfilment of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals actually targeted for completion by 2030.
  • Categorised as a fore-runner amongst the Indian states as it ranks three (after Kerala and Punjab) in the healthcare index with respect to the overall healthcare outcomes.
  • Sufficient impetus to Healthcare by the state government with a Budget Allocation of approximately Rs 11634 crore in 2018.
  • 60.58 crore allocated for Sanitary Napkin Distribution.
  • The public health model used is very popular for successfully administering quality healthcare services at extremely affordable rates, especially to the rural population.
    • 1747 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) each catering to twenty to thirty thousand patients and are being upgraded to render 24/7 services thereby reducing ‘out-of-pocket’ healthcare expenses. The rural PHCs are role models for the Union government’s National Health Protection Scheme ‘Ayushman Bharat’.
    • 8700 Health Sub Centres (HSC) for providing outreach services including maternity, child care and family welfare services.
  • Rated as one of the best performance states for implementation of Child Health and Reproductive Health Schemes.TN also ranks top in India is bringing down Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR).
  • Low Neonatal Mortality Rate (equal to 14) in comparison with other states.
  • Witnessed a significant drop in the Under 5 (child) Mortality Rate recently.
  • The success rate for Tuberculosis (TB) treatment has increased substantially to 85.4%.
  • Happens to be one of the states that have treated a high percentage of HIV/AIDs patients with Anti-Retroviral Therapy (87.06%).
  • More government healthcare facilities including district and sub-district hospitals have received Accreditation recently thereby raising standards of healthcare delivery.
  • Approximately 3 out of every 5 residents in TN are covered by tax-funded Medical Insurance over the last decade clearly portraying the increase in healthcare awareness.
  • Remarkable Healthcare Technology usage and implementation – nearly 1.58 crore families of the overall 7+ crore TN population has been issued Smart Cards under the Empanelment of 751 hospitals!
  • Dip in Sex Ratio, reducing Anaemia levels in women and a slight rise in Low Infant Birth Weight remain areas of concern.

The stringent focus on revamping and fine-tuning healthcare delivery systems and excellent proficiency of Healthcare Consultants in Chennai, the state capital, is envisaging Tamil Nadu to become India’s top destination for universal access to healthcare facilities with global standards by 2023!