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Healthcare Scenario


More than ever the Health care scenario has been highly affected due to the sudden outbreak of novel corona virus. Health care sector all over the world has been facing problems in terms of emergency medical services, violence of people, discrimination and harassment. Due to increased need of the health care services more than ever due to the pandemic situations it’s almost impossible somewhere to meet the needs of people in distress. Failure of health care systems under these circumstances might put long lasting effect on health and well being of the people.

In lots of fragile countries, already the act of violence on people of health care circumstances deprived hundreds of medical services and severely hindered the response. But in few other countries the health care providers are given proper hostility while in few the attacks and acts of violence are still occurring.

This attack on health care providers not only affects the ability of the health systems to provide services but impacts on the physcosocial health of the patients, critical health care providers on the frontline and their families.


Pandemics have always afflicted Human race through the human history, and always created impacts on human society by killing larger global populations to causing humans ponder larger questions on life. From plaque to SARS to COVID -19 the pandemic situations have always been the challenging aspect for the health care providers, doctors and people all over the world. Time management and Quality management at these times have been put at stake, but these pandemics always tends to stretch the Health care infrastructures of even the most developed countries and expected to cause recession in the economic conditions of the country.

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization officially announced that COVID-19 virus was officially a pandemic after it has been barreling through 114 countries in three months and now affected over 23.9 million people all around the world.

Due to constant effects of the health care providers across the world around 15.6 million people have been so far recovered. In India, around 3.23 million people have been affected out of which 2.47 million people have been recovered due to constant operations management provided.

The constant strain on the health systems worldwide might as well affect the health care frontline workers to threaten to leave and some health systems overstretched and unable to work effectively. It’s a saying that ‘the best defense against any outbreak is a strong health system’, and this pandemic definitely revealed how fragile the health care facilities all over the world is and now it’s been forced to meet the needs of people with proper quality management.


With proper health care analytics taken around the world, India responded quick by activating its health management system and issued necessary travel advisories as early as Jan 2020 when people were unaware of the situations happening in the other parts of the world. All the travelers coming into India from affected countries were screened followed by quarantine of two weeks and also the Indian workers or students stranded in other countries were flown back.

Social media and doctors played an important role spreading awareness among the people and follow the necessary precautionary steps taken by the health care providers. On the first hand India announced a lockdown of three weeks with well coordinated action plan that includes the establishment of laboratories and quarantine facilities across the country.

Lets a take a proper look on how covid-19 pandemic situation has taken impacts on various runs of the health care providers:

  • Decreased concentration in treatment of other acute diseases that can cause a long term burden on the health care system, since the entire medical system is focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Emergency treatments of chronic diseases are left unattended and surgeries are denied for unprivileged who are totally dependent on the primary health care facilities since the government setups have been earmarked for COVID 19. These problems in resource management may have adverse effect on the quality of patients’ life while waiting for the right time to get treated.
  • Awareness on proper hygiene will definitely help people in long term to get rid of several transmitted diseases that will create positive effect on overall healthcare scenario. Since the advent of the novel corona virus several intensive campaigns have been promoting the hand hygiene, face mask, hygienic social habits and disinfection that will increase awareness of people to make a healthy life style. In short time the increased burden on primary health care facilities and GPs can be anticipated with people crowding with milder symptoms.
  • Health care infrastructures in India are highly inadequate to meet the needs of its large population. Hence this pandemic situation will push Government to strengthen infrastructures and increase public private partnership over next few years. But in short term the recent upcoming or ongoing projects will see a major realignment. Previously the 1.4 percent GDP on public expenditure is allocated on health care, now the Government has laid out ambition to increase the spending to 2.5 percent of GDP to augment the infrastructures.
  • Increased focus on Make in India medical equipments and internalizing the pharma supply chain is a must now. Over decades India has been a hub of pharma supply of generic medicines and vaccines all over the world. Over 80 percentage of the antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of the AIDS have been supplied by India. Thus it’s time now to focus internally to cure the pandemic crisis created due to COVID19. Mostly for the requirement of medical equipments, India is over reliant on china and henceforth Indian health care providers must speedup the process of manufacturing our own equipments and make this trend grow with Make in India scheme. Also most importantly India played a major role in medical tourism which will definitely meet a lapse due to the prevailing travel restrictions.