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Importance of Improved Human Resource Policy in a Healthcare Practice

It is not the advanced medical equipment or the sophisticated machine setup that determine the quality of medical care but the human resources. With commitment and personalized touch, it is the human beings who deliver medical expertise to the patients, leveraging the full potential of the advanced technology. Efficient human resources in a healthcare delivery system significantly contribute to the success of the healthcare practice.

Patient satisfaction is key to the success of any healthcare practice and the objective of healthcare human resources policy should be to recruit and retain the doctors, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, hospital management staff and the other non-medical staff.

Recruiting the qualified and experienced medical and non-medical staff is not as simple as it sounds. With increased demand for efficient human resources in the healthcare industry, the hospital management follows a customized human resources policy that suits their specified requirements. Few existing and new hospital management seek the assistance of the healthcare management consultancies as well.

Better human resource management is done through better planning, understanding the position and the qualities of the ideal recruit, positive working environment, constant learning, training and development, and employee wellbeing and satisfaction. 

  1. Better Planning –

The recruitment of human resources in the healthcare practices  should be planned in advance giving enough time for the search of the ideal candidate. It is possible only through better planning and understanding the requirement of the position. Better planning needs to be done for the recruitment of all medical and non-medical personnel.

  1. Improved and Positive Working System –

The typical atmosphere in a healthcare practice would be tiresome and the employees, especially the medical staff, undergo a lot of pressure. Employees expect a working system that is ‘co-operative and collaborative. Every participant in the patient care given equal importance and they would like to feel important. Design a system that team responsible, fully functional and works independently. It is also important for the management to provide the employees with a free working atmosphere that brings the best out of them through encouraging Quality Circles (QC) and Value Engineering (VE). The feedback from the employees about the work system should be taken into consideration and addressed accordingly.

  1. Learning and Development –

Medical professionals are expected to constantly learn and improve their knowledge. Ensure the training and development programs are consistent. Design your training programs that are related to medical advances, patient interactions types, communication, motivation, time management. The training programs to help employees in understanding their role better and the efficient ways to fulfil their responsibilities.

  1. Employee Wellbeing –

One of the leading causes of employee attrition is neglecting the wellbeing of the employees. Make sure the employees are feeling protected and the work atmosphere is allowing them to express their ideas and opinions. In addition, take steps to implement the ideas from the employees, that are worth executing. The employees should feel safe to work and a well-maintained working system always promotes it.

  1. Employee Satisfaction –

Employee satisfaction is the key to establish a better working environment. A satisfied employee is motivated to deliver his potential. A satisfied human resource is always the best employee who has no alternative or replacement. Employee satisfaction leads to better productivity thus enhanced patient satisfaction. Invest in employee satisfaction as this, in turn, ensures the success of your healthcare practice.

Healthcare industry is human resource driven! Employer contribution for employee wellbeing lies down the path for assured healthcare success. Every employee should understand the steps that are being taken for their wellbeing and should be provided equal opportunity to grow. The human resources should always focus on attracting the efficient people, train them well and retain the better ones and advance the best ones in their roles. Healthcare industry is fast growing and the hospital that practices better human resource policies are certainly cruising in the path of success!