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Business Communication in Healthcare

Importance of Business Communication in a Healthcare Atmosphere

We are living in a world where information and data have become the very core of our daily living. In any business context, information helps us in being prepared for the future and data supports us in making the right decisions. But both these imperative components in a business success can be of no use if they are not communicated the way they should be.

In simple words, your business is as good as your communication! This could not be closer to truth in healthcare arena. Communication is key in healthcare be it dealing with patients, your partners or your own employees.

Business communication in healthcare demands effectiveness that harnesses relationships beyond business. As a healthcare provider, you need it to build trust between you and the patients, to construct cohesive partnerships with your business partners and to create a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere between you and your employees.

Having said that, effective communication is not something that could be achieved overnight. It requires practice, perseverance and a norm in the culture of your hospital.

The best part is that you could develop this culture by setting up the norms that ensure all the touch points of effective business communication are being touched. Here are a few ways you could develop this culture into your healthcare operations management system.

  • Hear to Be Heard – Listening is the first rule of effective communication. Best business solutions are developed after listening to the problems of your customers, clients and your very own employees! Be open minded about receiving feedback from all levels. Opiniated decision making has never helped any organization, let alone a healthcare facility.
  • Eye for Non-Verbal Communication – It is a known fact that only 20-30% of communication is delivered via language and the rest through body language. Observe for non-verbal communication. Their voice might tell you all is right but their bodies won’t lie.
  • No Scope of Assumptions – Encourage your both internal employees and external business partners to voice out their opinions and ensure there is no room for any assumptions. Assumptions are the seeds of misunderstandings that grow silently but strongly. Be it a business partner or an internal employee, induce the confidence that they would be clarified.
  • Room for Everyone – Take efforts to create an atmosphere that allows a free flow of communication. It called ‘communication’ only when the receiver receives the message is received, understood and most importantly, responded to.
  • Respect Over Emotions – A healthcare facility is a place where even small errors will lead to dire consequences. Here, there is no room for errors and when one occurs, only address the error but not the one who committed it. Showing respect and concern is more important than expressing your emotions.
  • Positive Expectations Help – A recognition or a complement for a good work done can go a long way. Ensure you make your subordinates or employees feel that all you have for them was positive expectations. This helps them going overboard and contribute their best to deliver better healthcare.
  • Leveraging Help from the Best Healthcare Consulting Firms – A healthcare business consultant can help you establish the right kind of atmosphere that encourages your employees to communicate better and faster.

Business communication takes the front seat in driving your healthcare facility to the shore of success while delivering the best care to the receivers. The above tips can help you get there.

Ensure all your employees know the importance of better business communication. Scheduled training sessions and an atmosphere that nourishes trust and overall participation irrespective of the designation will certainly help your hospital in becoming a perfect ground for better business communication.