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How FrontEnders Assist in Hospital Commissioning

Commissioning a new hospital is like delivering a baby – both challenging and celebratory. Yet it involves complex steps that culminate in this significant achievement. Each of these steps has to be meticulously planned and executed and this requires the guidance of an able ​healthcare​​ consultant firm ​like FrontEnders.

Hospital commissioning assistance by FrontEnders

Project feasibility study

Health facility planning begins with a project feasibility study that assesses the viability and profit assessment of the project. This study helps the hospital management to gauge the overheads involved and to predict the revenue that can be generated in actual, on commissioning the project. The advantage of performing this study is that hospital management can take proactive measures of anticipating problems and taking corrective or remedial measures and preparing a backup beforehand. All this is possible only with the expert counsel of a professional ​healthcare​​ consulting firm​ like FrontEnders.

Project planning

A competent ​Healthcare Consulting firm ​aims at successful project planning to commission a new hospital. To achieve this, it first understands the client’s needs and objectives, defines goals and devices new strategies for the successful implementation of the project. While understanding the client’s objectives, the Healthcare Consulting firm takes into account both quality of service objective of the hospital as well as the financial and profit expectations of its stakeholders. Project planning involves making a list of the architectural, medical and manpower requirements of the new hospital as well as earmarking the funds to outline the budget of the project.

Financial and Business planning

The sustenance of a hospital depends on its revenue generation and bottom line. This requires diligent financial and business planning right from the commissioning of the hospital. an efficient ​Healthcare Consulting firm​ like FrontEnders outlines a robust financial plan to augment the revenue of the hospital. This involves planned expenditure for the hospital’s resources, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue through patients. Strategic business planning is also part of the hospital Consulting firm’s scope of responsibilities. This includes marketing and promotional plans for the hospital, advertising campaigns and branding manoeuvres.

FrontEnders aims at providing the complete solution set for financial and business planning with innovative cost management initiatives prudent facilities planning, optimum service line rationalization and successful partnership associations.

Architectural and construction planning

Actual commissioning of a hospital begins with architectural design and construction planning. Able Healthcare Consulting firms like FrontEnders offer recommendations at every stage of the architectural design like preparation of layouts evolving green hospital design concepts, and ensuring that the building plans meet the statutory requirements. Construction planning involves procurement of construction materials, streamlined workflow management, a scheduled supply of materials and a planned phase of building stage execution until final completion of the project.

FrontEnders focus on evolving cost reduction strategies right from the construction planning stage itself by selecting recycled construction materials and the optimum use of resources and labour. Evolving a green Hospital design is the main strength of FrontEnders as the device and eco-friendly plan for the hospital by minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals and materials for hospital construction and also ensure pregnant waste management from the hospital. All these are included Hindi architecture and structural planning stage by the ​Healthcare Consulting firm ​to ensure that the commissioning of the hospital is successful in every way.

Logistics planning and Sourcing of hospitals equipment and materials

The next stage in the commissioning of the hospital is the sourcing of hospital equipment and supplies by the ​Healthcare Consulting firm​. Sourcing vendors, acquiring quotations, procuring hospital supplies and equipment at the best price – all are part of the hospital plan.

FrontEnders take special care in suggesting and selecting the latest “ state-of-the-art” equipment suitable for the hospital and helps it to procure the best competitive price and even install it in the right way.

Healthcare operations management

Right from the recruitment of hospital staff, delegating them various tasks, and training them to monitoring their performance, everything in ​healthcare operations management is dealt with by a competent healthcare consulting firm like FrontEnders.

FrontEnders is always at the forefront of healthcare consulting and is the right​ healthcare operations management ​to entrust your commissioning of the hospital.