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Caring for Doctors and Nurses – The Challenges and Solutions

Believing in the miracles performed by doctors and nurses on a daily basis, we all tend to forget that they are also human beings and require all sorts of care just like us. For many, a doctor or nurse falling sick still sounds ironical. But it happens more than we could imagine.

In addition, their work environment demands them to work in conditions that expose them to dangerous consequences. People have still not forgotten the sacrificing incident of the nurse from Kerala during the times of Nipah. This is just an example to show how vulnerable the working conditions can get for doctors and nurses.

Even though the hospitals follow the guidelines for the prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), there are some incidents like these which project the scope for significant development in caring for doctors, nurses and other staff who are involved in medical care. Not just HAI but there are other aspects where the hospital management needs to focus on to strengthen the safety of medical care providers.

Here is a detailed look into the threats for medical staff safety and the ways to arrest the discrepancies comprehensively.

  1. Cemented Safety Policy for HAIs –
  • Washing hands and wearing facemasks are the cornerstones for infection prevention. But today’s healthcare scenario demands more than hand sanitizers and masks.
  • The healthcare management need to create an infection control policy that comprises of comprehensive guidelines.
  • The guideline should address various conditions such as when a patient needs to be transferred to an isolated area and what are the precautions that the doctors and nurses should take while treating him.
  • Identifying the contagions is instrumental in the prevention of infections. The management should look for a mechanism that identifies the contagions before its way too late to handle.
  • The regular safety precautions that are being practiced worldwide such as using disinfectants, surface cleaners, changing the linens and preventing patients from walking barefoot need to be practiced.

  1. Infrastructural Caring –
  • Considering the heavy workload and mental stress experienced by the nurses and doctors, the convenient retirement rooms for them can help in many more ways than just relaxation.
  • Building the nurse station with all the facilities such as beds, quick changing rooms and quick eatery can help them to justify their duties more efficiently.
  • The number of beds and other facilities in a nursing room needs to comply with the number of nurses in the workstation.
  • Recreational arrangements and fun activities (considering their leisure time) for nurses and doctors will help them in reducing stress.
  • Given the serious working atmosphere of a hospital, it would be challenging for the healthcare human resources department but they could find solutions with the help of the experienced healthcare HR consultants.

  1. Safety of Doctors and Nurses –
  • Even though doctors and nurses try their best to save lives, they are human too and sometimes their efforts will not be sufficient to save the person.
  • These sensitive situations will end up in attacks on doctors and nurses which is a major threat to the safety of medical care providers.
  • The hospital management needs to take precautions to avoid the attacks on doctors and other medical staff.
  • By keeping the relatives or the caretakers informed about the real-time condition of the patient and the efforts that are being taken will help them in understanding the situation.
  • Real-time communication that is precise and explains the situation in an empathetic manner will definitely favour both the parties.

Stress, seriousness, emotional turmoil and sensitive situations – the hospital environment is not a fun place to work. And, being the difference between life and death is not an easy job to carry on always.

Yet doctors and nurses make us believe it is easy with their passion towards the medical field. It is the responsibility of the management to provide a caring and a safe environment for them and allow these life saviours to carry on with their duties without any challenges.