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Approaching Staffing Agencies For Healthcare Personnel Selection And Training

Employees are the wheels on which hospitals run. Without trained nurses, ward boys, ambulance workers, and other administrative staff, the hospital will come to a standstill. 

India is facing a gross shortage of medical personnel in all sectors.  Take a look.

  • India is short of 4 million nurses currently.
  • By 2030, India will require 2 million doctors and 6 million nurses.
  • By 2020, the Indian healthcare industry will generate 40 million jobs in all work segments.
  • The staff turnover rate in the healthcare industry is very high at 14.8%.

With such a paucity for healthcare professionals, hospitals must enlist the services of a healthcare consulting firm to streamline its Human Resource Planning and help in hospital staff recruitment.

Why do we need a healthcare consulting firm for hospital staff recruitment?

Healthcare HR management  is a very complex and challenging field of operations which requires the expertise of a professional healthcare consulting firm for the following reasons.

  1. Recruiting multidisciplinary staff

A hospital requires a number of healthcare professionals who are trained in diverse work faculties like physicians, surgeons, nurses, paramedical staff,  lab assistants, lab technicians, radiologists, blood screening technicians,  cardiovascular technicians, receptionists, drivers, PR executives and more.

Each of these personnel needs to be professionally trained and adept in their field of operation. Recruiting such diverse candidates requires a thorough knowledge of their job portfolio and work skills. It also involves a lot of time in collecting resumes and interviewing the candidates. 

The hospital management cannot devote much time to this recruitment exercise. Instead, they can avail the services of an expert healthcare consulting firm to complete this preliminary recruiting processes and participate in the final selection of candidates. This saves a lot of money, time and effort for the hospital management.

  1. Assessing employee’s performance

While hospitals are facing staff shortage on one hand, inefficient staff functioning poses  numerous problems including heavy loss. Work inefficiencies have cost hospitals thousands of rupees and this can be avoided only by periodic workflow assessment of the employees.

Assessing an employee’s performance can be done by reviewing his/her workflow based on certain standard parameters, collecting feedback from patients and colleagues, checking their time and attendance adherence etc. Such a detailed performance review requires the services of a seasoned healthcare consulting firm.

  1. Training employees

Enhancing the quality of care delivered by a hospital occurs only when its staff are periodically trained and motivated. Healthcare consulting firms are the right agencies to offer such training to healthcare staff as they can organize specialized workshops to cater to different work segments.

Customized training programs can be evolved by healthcare consulting firms to satisfy the needs of any hospital specifically.

  1. Reducing staff attrition at hospitals

Healthcare consulting firms play a pivotal role in reducing staff attrition at hospitals. They can achieve this by

  • Enhancing hospital branding by the effective portrayal of its culture, values and work benefits through intelligent advertising and PR. This will help to enhance employee loyalty.
  • Motivating existing employees through events like training program and workshops
  • Retaining employees by evolving loyalty and reward programs for the hospital staff.
  1. Innovative sourcing of hospital staff

Attracting the best candidates by effecting showcasing of the hospital on all recruitment platforms is done on priority by healthcare consulting firms.  But almost all major staff pools have been exhausted by mining the regular recruitment forums. Instead,  an expert healthcare consulting firm can source the hospital staff through innovative methods like these

  • Transitioning veterans and retired army healthcare personnel to hospitals
  • Sourcing potential candidates from medical colleges and universities on a training basis
  • Using technology and social media to source hospital staff through talent apps and employment pages.
  • Keeping an employee pipeline ready to fill vacant positions by creating a talent pool for the hospital.

The role of a healthcare consulting firm in hospital staff recruiting and healthcare HR management is invaluable and priceless. No hospital should think twice before approaching such expert staffing agencies to recruit efficient hospital personnel.