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Aim a Step Higher

Aim a Step Higher

Another New Year is all set to arrive- full of promise, hope, and a better future. It is time to look forward to planning ahead and making some new resolutions. Let us start with this motto- “Aim a step Higher!”

Aiming higher automatically portends success for your endeavors but it involves hard work too. If you try to stay complacent in your comfort zone, you will soon be shelved and forgotten. In order to avoid being redundant, we must all aim a step higher. This is particularly relevant for healthcare. How? Let us take a look.

Aiming higher in healthcare

In the U.S., the Institute for Healthcare Improvement proposed a three-pronged strategy to aim a step higher in healthcare. Called the “Triple Aim”, this approach aimed at

  • enhancing the patient experience
  • improving the health of the community
  • reducing the costs of healthcare

Not stopping with this, another facet was added to this strategy, making it the “Quadruple Aim” and this was

  • Increasing staff satisfaction

Let us take each factor of this Aim and analyze it in detail.

How to enhance the patient experience?

In order to enhance the patient experience,  we must undertake the following steps

  • Evaluate the existing health of the community
  • Identify their problems, risks and fears about healthcare
  • Assess the current mortality rate

Steps should be taken to improve the patient experience like

  • Improving communication between the healthcare system providers and patients. This is done through the use of technology via Electronic Health Records, Online Appointment Scheduling, Telemedicine, etc.
  • Teamwork with shared responsibility is the key element to provide effective patient care and coordination in hospitals. With proper planning and execution, enhancing the patient experience will be both easy and effective.

How to improve community health?

The main objective of healthcare is to improve the health of the community it serves.  To do this, it must recognize every individual in the community as a patient and address his needs. This can be done by

  • Involving the community while designing healthcare models
  • Providing community-based healthcare services at optimum costs
  • Offering proactive epidemic control measures during times of acute healthcare crises.
  • Educating the public on healthcare and hygiene on a regular basis

What are the steps to reduce healthcare costs?

Providing quality services alone is not enough for a healthcare provider. These services should be affordable and accessible to all members of the various economic strata in the community. To accomplish this, the healthcare costs must be reduced. This is done by

  • Reducing the overheads and unnecessary expenses at the hospitals
  • Offering healthcare services at subsidized costs to people of low economic strata
  • Linking insurance policies and public welfare schemes to make healthcare affordable to all
  • Enlisting the help of NGOs and corporate companies to offer healthcare at lowered costs through sponsorships for operations

Healthcare at subsidized costs can be offered by hospitals while maintaining their profit margins through innovative thinking and strategic measures. Hospitals can enlist the use of expert healthcare consultant agencies to advise them on reducing costs in healthcare.

How to increase staff satisfaction?

To offer optimum healthcare services, a good hospital team is a must. This team can be built only on the foundation of staff satisfaction. Lack of staff satisfaction leads to physician burnout and staff churn. Every staff member from the ward boy to the topmost surgeon is a vital link in providing optimum healthcare. Even if one link is missing, the chain breaks.  Good staff satisfaction is attained by

  • Recognizing the contribution of each and every staff
  • Appreciate and rewarding the good work of the staff
  • Attributing the success of the organization to the team
  • Rewarding the employees for their commendable work
  • Instituting rewards and benefit schemes for staff loyalty

Aiming a step higher in healthcare is definitely possible through an amalgamation of the above efforts. All that has to be done is a little meticulous planning and strategizing with the help of an expert and experienced healthcare consultant.