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4 Effective Employee Retention Ideas for Healthcare Practices

No business meeting ever gets over without using the word ‘retention’. Both customer and employee retentions play a major role in the success of any business. And, with the skyrocketing peer pressure and the increased patient expectations it is the healthcare practices that need to focus more on the retention strategies.

It takes no genius to understand that retaining a customer requires considerably few efforts compared to getting a new customer. The same applies to the employees and the last thing you want would be the attrition rate that is next to zero. And, there are many reasons why you should do why you should retain your employees with better healthcare HR management tips.
According to a reliable study by the Centre for American Progress, it will cost 21% of his/her salary to replace an employee. Now hiring an employee who intended to serve only for a short period of time can become fatal to run operations smooth.

Employees are the significant contributors in the healthcare domain and losing them, irrespective of the reasons, will hamper the productivity at a greater scale. The new additions to the team take time get used to the process and it might hurt the operations as well, at least for a certain period of time.
Even though there are many reasons behind employees leaving their jobs, there are many other ways you could influence and prevent most of your employees from thinking of quitting their jobs. Here are the ways you could retain your employees for the best interests of your healthcare practice management.

The Effective Ways to Retain Healthcare Employees –
It is easy to retain employees who feel that the work environment more personal than mere professional. No matter how good your retaining tactics are at the end of the day you will be dealing with people with emotions. Here are the ways how you could create a win-win situation while getting the job done.

  1. Transparency and Trust – A transparent working environment is a perfect platform to build trust between the employer and the employee. Trust can be the bond that makes the employee and employer relationship last long. Trust your employees first and the same will return back to you. Keep the daily operations in the office transparent and deal with the negativities in a constructive manner.
  2. Meaningfulness and Onus – Add value to the duties performed by your employees and let them know the void they are fulfilling with so much effectiveness. More than the rewards or recognition, your employees will give their best when they are aware of the incredible job they are doing. Rewards and recognitions are also important but they should not be the only motive. Add value and meaning to the work they are doing and onus finds its way.
  3. Respect and Recognition – Recognizing the right talent and efforts is crucial to bring out the best in your employees. However, ensure that the rewards that you offer exceed the expectations of your employees beyond the monetary aspects. Goodies and hoodies might go a long way but recognition that connects with employees’ emotions increase the positive culture in the working environment.
  4. Balance Between Personal and Professional Life – Personal and professional aspects are two important components of life. Many researches have proven that employees with satisfied personal life are proven to be more productive in their professional lives. Keep an eye on the benefits of employees such as week-offs, office break timings, food and beverages, leave policies and teambuilding activities and make sure that all these activities are meeting the expectations.
    In addition, encourage positive work relationships, keep the communication open and be accessible to your employees all the time to improve your working environment better.
    Considering the seriousness involved in healthcare environment, the retention efforts should be long-term. Leverage the healthcare HR management services offered by healthcare consultancies in order to make your hospital a better place to work.